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K13009 Saybolt and Saybolt Wax Chromometers

Test Method
The Saybolt Color test is used for quality control and product identification purposes on refined products having an ASTM Color of 0.5 or less. Products in this range include undyed motor and aviation gasolines, jet propulsion fuels, naphthas, kerosene and petroleum waxes. Color is an important quality characteristic for many products, and can also be used to detect product contamination. The Saybolt Chromometer measures color by comparing a column of sample against standard color discs. The Saybolt Wax Chromometer measures color of non-fluid waxes by heating the samples during the test.

Features and Benefits

• Conforms to ASTM D156 and related specifications

Three-position color standard turret

• Tests non-fluid waxes and liquid petroleum products

K13009 Saybolt and Saybolt Wax Chromometers
Determines Saybolt Color of highly refined petroleum products. Consists of a matched set of sample and standard tube assemblies with optical viewer. Compares a sample of the product to be tested against standard color discs under a uniform light source. Reduce column height until the sample field is lighter than the color standard and convert height to Saybolt Color using chart on instrument. Three-position turret on standard tube permits convenient changing of color disc combinations. Accessory Daylight Lamp (Cat. No. K13010) provides standard light source per ASTM specifications.

For petroleum waxes, the Saybolt Wax Chromometer is equipped with heaters to keep waxes that are not fluid at ambient temperature molten during testing. Sample tube has a 200W chrome steel strip heater and a hinged cover to maintain even heat distribution. An aluminum block heater with 50W cartridge element keeps wax molten in the draincock assembly. Accessory variable transformer may be used to regulate the sample temperature. Optical viewer and stand are fully insulated from the heaters. Sample tube assembly has heat resistant fiber handles.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D156; DIN 51411; FTM 791-101; NF M 07-003

Included Accessories
Whole Color Standards (3)
Half Color Standard (1)
Engraved Conversion Chart

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
5.5x5.5x26.5 (14x14x67)
Net Weight: 15.5 lbs (7kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 31 lbs (14.1kg)
Dimensions: 4.0 Cu. ft.
Includes accessory lamp

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
K13009 Saybolt Chromometer
K13100 Saybolt Wax Chromometer 115V 50/60Hz
K13190 Saybolt Wax Chromometer 220-240V 50/60Hz

Product Description Electrical Requirements
K13010 Daylight Lamp
Meets ASTM D156 and related test specifications for illumination of Saybolt Chromometers. Adjustable for correct positioning. Standard 60W bulb not included.
K13020 Whole Color Standard
K13029 Half Color Standard
K13032 Matched Set of Tubes with Turret and Draincock
Assembly for K13009 Saybolt Chromometer
K13033 Matched Set of Tubes with Turret and Draincock
Assembly for K13100/K13190 Saybolt Wax Chromometer
279-115-005 Frosted Bulb 60W, 115V
279-230-002 Frosted Bulb 60W, 220-240V
280-115-005 Variable Transformer
Regulates heaters of Saybolt Wax Chromometer.
280-230-003 Variable Transformer 220-240V

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