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Kinematic Viscosity Holders/Universal Tube Holders/ Digital Stopwatch/ Bath Oil

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Viscometer Holders

For use with glass capillary viscometers

Ordering Information

Viscometer Type Round Holder
Catalog No.
CannonÆ-Fenske Routine
CannonÆ-Fenske Opaque
CannonÆ-Manning Semi-Micro K23381
Ubbelohde K23382
CannonÆ-Ubbelohde Semi-Micro K23384
(Also - Dilution and Semi-Micro Dilution types) K23384
Cross-Arm K23383
BS/IP/RF U-Tube K23387
CannonÆ-Manning Vacuum
Asphalt Institute K23388
Modified Koppers K23363

High Temperature Viscometer Holders

 • For use with HKV baths for temperature up to 232°C (450°F)

Ordering Information

Viscometer Type Round Holder
Catalog No.
Cannon®-Fenske Routine
Cannon®-Fenske Opaque
Cannon®-Manning Semi-Micro K23381-HT
Ubbelohde K23382-HT

Universal Tube Holders  

Can be used interchangeably with Cannon®-Fenske, Cannon®-Manning, Cross-Arm and Ubbelohde type capillary viscometers. Choice of round (2" dia.) plastic holders or rectangular metal holders.

Ordering Information
Catalog No.

K23351 Universal Viscometer Holder, Round
K23350 Universal Viscometer Holder, Rectangular

Digital Stopwatch

 ï Accurate to 0.0003%
ï Calibration certificate traceable to NIST
Solid-state LCD digital stopwatch with a full range of features, including single action timing, cumulative split, interval split and more. Housed in a rugged high impact case with 40" (102cm) lanyard. Supplied with 4-year battery and calibration certificate traceable to NIST.

Ordering Information
Catalog No.

K23462 Digital Stopwatch

Bath Oil

White mineral oil for routine applications
Silicone fluid for high temperature applications
White Mineral OilñHighly refined white technical oil for use in constant temperature baths. Contains an oxidation inhibitor to limit clouding at higher temperatures. Suitable for use at temperatures of up to 230ƒF (110ƒC).
Silicone FluidñClear heat transfer fluid with high oxidation resistance and low volatility. Recommended for constant temperature bath applications above 240ƒF (116ƒC).
White Mineral Oil Silicone Fluid  
Nominal Viscosity
Minimum Flash Point
Specific Gravity @ 25°C

14.2-17.0 cSt @ 40ƒ
248°F (120°C)
100 cSt @ 25°C
600°F (316°C)

Ordering Information
Catalog No.

355-001-001 White Mineral Oil, 1 Gallon Container
355-001-003 White Mineral Oil, 5 Gallon Container
355-001-002 Silicone Heat Transfer Fluid, 1 Gallon Container
355-001-004 Silicone Heat Transfer Fluid, 5 Gallon Container