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K33201 Constant Temperature Water Baths

Features and Benefits
• Three models, ranging from 3 liter to 22 liter capacity

• Microprocessor controller with LED display of setpoint and actual temperature to 0.1°C, and redundant overtemperature control

• Temperature stability within ±0.2°C

• Built-in timer with RS232 port

Constant Temperature Water Baths
Economical constant temperature water baths in a range of sizes for a variety of laboratory applications. Convenient digital temperature control provides °C/°F switchable LED setpoint and display to 0.1°C, and temperature stability to within ± 0.2°C. A separate adjustable thermostat provides overtemperature protection. The bath reservoir is constructed of 304 series stainless steel. Utilizes water as the bath medium and the heaters will not burn out if the bath should run dry. Optional hinged, removable acrylic cover tilts to permit condensate to flow back into the bath and is gabled to accommodate sample containers of a variety of different shapes and sizes. Available flat bath covers with set of rings can be used for the evaporation of liquids and solvents and melting of solids or to accommodate sample containers of different sizes. Drain is included with all models to facilitate emptying of the bath liquid. Bath exterior is constructed of galvanized steel with an powder coating finish.

Temperature control: 0.1°C setpoint and C°/F° switchable LED display
Temperature stability: ±0.2°C
Temperature range: 25 to 100°C (20 to 100°C with cooling accessory)
Electronic timer: 0:01 to 9:59 hours

Ordering Information
Capacity Electrical Requirements Overall Dimensions
Inside Dimensions
K33201 3-8 liter 115V 60Hz, 8.7A 11.5x11.5x12.5 10.5x9x5.5
K33202 (0.8-2.1 gal) 230V 50Hz, 8.7A (29.2x29.2x31.8) (26.7x22.9x14)
K33203 5-12 liter 115V 60Hz, 8.7A 15.75x11.5x12.5 10.5x13.5x5.5
K33204 (1.3-3.2 gal) 230V 50Hz, 8.7A (40x29.2x31.8) (26.7x34.3x14)
K33205 8-22 liter 115V 60Hz, 8.7A 22x13x13.75 11.5x19.5x7
K33206 (2.1-5.8 gal) 230V 50Hz, 8.7A (55.9x33x34.9) (29.2x49.5x17.8)

Catalog Number Product Description
Acrylic Covers
K33201-0 Acrylic Cover for K33201/K33202 Baths
K33203-0 Acrylic Cover for K33203/K33204 Baths
K33205-0 Acrylic Cover for K33205/K33206 Baths
Flat Bath Covers with Ring Sets
K33201-1 1-Hole Cover (7.5 in./19cm hole diameter) and 1 Ring Set for K33201/K33202 Baths
K33201-4 4-Hole Cover (3.6 in./9.2cm hole diameter) and 4 Ring Sets for K33201/K33202 Baths
K33203-6 6-Hole Cover (3.6 in./9.2cm hole diameter) and 6 Ring Sets for K33203/K33204 Baths
K33205-2 2-Hole Cover (7.5 in./19cm hole diameter) and 2 Ring Sets for K33205/K33206 Baths
K33205-6 6-Hole Cover (4.5 in./11.5cm hole diameter) and 6 Ring Sets for K33205/K33206 Baths

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