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K38500 Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils

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K38500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer
• Testing capacity of up to 10 samples.
• Microprocessor temperature controllers store all testing profiles in
• Unique design is fully self-contained - no external refrigeration or heating
apparatus needed.
• Advanced direct refrigeration technology eliminates the need for liquid cooling mediums such as methanol.
• Removable test cells allow for easy cleaning, sample agitation and advance sample preparation.
• New rotor design eliminates possible interference with water and ice.
• Internal hermetic refrigeration system provides direct instant cooling.
• Power-saver feature allows testing profile to resume in the event of a brief power interruption.
• Internal gas system provides a continuous blanket of dry gas over
samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
• Rotor stator rack supplied for convenient cleaning, drying, and storage.
• Safety features include high pressure cutout and high temperature limits.
• Rotor stator sets included with instrument. Additional sets readily
• Optional Software Package available

Test Method
Determines the measurement of the Yield Stress, Apparent Viscosity and Borderline Pumping Temperature (BPT) of engine oils. Borderline pumping temperature is a measure of the lowest temperature at which an engine oil can be continuously and adequately supplied to the oil pump inlet of an automotive engine. Provides a correlation between the temperature at which the viscosity of engine oils reaches a critical value and the borderline pumping failure temperature in engines at the test method specified shear stress.

Conforms to the specifications of:
In accordance with the specifications of:
ASTM D3829, D6821*, D6896
* With available Drive Line equipment sold separately
Cabinet Material: Stainless steel and durable thermoplastic
Temperature Range: +80°C to -40°C (176°F to -40°F)
Bath Design: Solid, direct cooling without liquids
Cooling Rate: Single Unit: 5.0°C per minute maximum
Refrigerant: R-507
Compressor Size: 1/3 Horsepower
Electrical Requirements:
115V 50/60Hz, 15A
220V 50/60Hz, 7A
Temperature Control: +/- 0.1°C, digital readout
Heating Capacity: 600 Watts
Testing Capacity: 10 samples
Included Accessories
Removable Rotor/Stator Sets (10)
Rotor/Stator Holding Rack
Stator Removal Tool
Moisture Cover
Set of Weights & Strings
Air Filter Dryer and Desiccant
Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
15.5x12.5x13.5 (39x32x34)
Net Weight: 105 lbs (47.6 kg)
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 143 lbs (64.86 kg)
Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 27 in (58.4 x 48.3 x 68.6 cm)

 Ordering Information

Product Description
 K38500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer, 115V 50/60Hz
 K38590 Mini-Rotary Viscometer, 220V 50/60Hz

Product Description
 K38500-1 Stator Insertion/Removal Tool (SIRT)
 K38500-2  Moisture Cover
 K38500-3 Rotor/Stator Set (1 Set)
 K38500-4  Rotor/Stator Set (Set of 10)
 K38500-5  Carriage Wheel Assembly
 K38500-6 Stainless Steel Thumb Nut
 K38500-7 Air Filter Dryer with Desicant
 K38500-8 Rotor/Stator Holding Rack
 K38500-9 MRV Weight Set – Standard
 K38500-10 N105B Reference Oil (Pint)
 K38500-11 MRV String Set (Qty 10)
 K38500-12 MRV Driveline Rotor (for D6821)
 K38500-13 MRV Weight Set – Driveline (for D6821)